Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BGG badges and Games for sale

Anyone need tickets for the BGG conference in Dallas? One or Two tickets for $60 each. They will be posted tomorrow on the BGG site. See attached list for some card games and lighter board games for sale.


Gaming Diva said...

Games for Sale:

Ticket to Ride Nordic $45 played once OOP
Ticket to Ride Card Game $10 played once
Myster Rummy, Jekyll & Hyde $10 played once
Management Material $10 still in wrap
Dominion $28 Opened but never played or sleeved
California $15 Played once
Card Storage Box $4 never used
The games below have been played but in great condition:

Nautilus $20
Palazzo $15
Through the Desert $15
LifeBoats $45 OOP

Please send an email so I can use a time stamp. Will entertain all offers esp. for multiple games. These will be posted on the meetup site and BGG site. I don't really play many card games and I have too many lighter games. Need to make room for some new releases.

Rob said...

You are not going to BGG?!? I know of a guy in SA thinking about it... Lemme check.

I'm so proud... your collection is so big now that you need to sell some games, while moving to heavier games. Sniff...

Gaming Diva said...

I caught a posting about you selling at the flea Market at the Con. Selling any strategy games or is it war games?

Yes, sadly I won't be at the Con. :-( Too much going on at the house. I will be adding to my collection but I will have to use the reviews from Essen for a few of those games.

Rob said...

I haven't made a list, but I should. Some of the San Antonians want to check out my inventory before I take it with me to BGG.

Gaming Diva said...

Tickets to the BGG Conferrence are gone!

Rob said...

Yeah, I thought so... No prob.

Gaming Diva said...

All games are gone!

Longhorn said...

Sorry to borrow this thread.
I am running Twilight Imperium this weekend - anyone interested? I live near the medical center.