Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gaming Reviews???

Hey Rob, I miss all your gaming reviews. I hope that doesn't mean your not gaming! It was good seeing you over Labor Day! Really enjoyed playing Confucius again (though I missed having the "screw thy neighbor" cards in). It was hard to believe we played 13 hrs. straight...it just flew by. Hope the new job and all that studying is going well. Let us know if your ever in town again. Hopefully we will see you at the Con. Denise


Rob said...

Heheh... well, I had to move on physically...and 'gamingly'. Now I post my thoughts at http://saboardgamers.blogspot.com.
Thanks again for the invitation. I had a blast at your place. You and Mike were excellent hosts.

I have been gaming, but in limited amounts. I'll be taking my board exam here in two weeks. After that, I'll need to splurge.

Haven't bought anyhting new... but I do have my eyes on Ad Astra (I don't own Catan, and this seems like that with a few interesting twists...including elements of Race for the Galaxy). Have also considered Endeavor, but would like to try first.... Bottomline, I'll prob not buy anything until I try some of this stuff out at BGG.con, as I've done in years past.

See you all at the con!

Gaming Diva said...

Sad to say I can't host this week. Mike's work schedule is rough this week (4 am mornings) and crunch time with school. Not to mention you can't get thru the front door with the ladders and painting stuff. :-)

Any one interested in going to San Jac. earlier this Sat? Noon?

Marty said...

I think we should consider changing the start time on the meetup site and just say the earlier time with a note that until 4pm the plan will be to sit at the tables out in the main area. Anybody else have thoughts on that?

Unf. I will still be out of town and can't make it this Saturday.

Gaming Diva said...

I like it! I usually leave by 7:30and so it makes no sense for me to go if it starts at 4. If no one posts that they aren't going early then I skip San Jac. and make other plans.

BTW, gaming WILL be at my house NEXT Thurs. (Sept 30)

Brent said...

I can go early if anyone else can. I am free all day Saturday.


Gaming Diva said...

Brent, I'll be there early! No gaming Tue. or Thurs. and I'm going thru withdrawals! :-)

Lewis said...

I can come early. Do you want to meet there at noon?

Gaming Diva said...

Noon works for me!